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Strategic Partner for Your Continued IT Success

At T3Networks, we believe in your business. We also believe that good business strategy ultimately dictates which technologies to implement and when. We help your organization locate, integrate and maintain these technologies using sound data collection methods, involved strategic partner interactions and constant industry insight research. These methods directly contribute to developing and building a high quality and performance-centric IT architecture essential to successfully delivering business strategies. Our company has been establishing a record of accomplishment in many industries and challenges. Our goal is to become a recognized and trusted partner of your organization.

T3Networks was founded with a strong belief in quality and value. We believe that our clients are strategic partners that come to us for leadership and collaboration on information technology topics. It is our commitment to them to live up to those expectations.

– Geoff Shea, T3Networks Inc. President

What Makes us Different?

T3Networks produces highly effective business services and solutions wrapped in those principles. We have strategically picked areas to profoundly affect our clients organizations utilizing technology and by doing so, also affect their bottom lines. From strategy to execution, our approach starts and ends with our clients. We listen to their needs and we respond with well thought out and carefully weighted plans of action.

Dependable Results

T3Networks consultants work in collaboration with our clients to deliver measurable improvements in process and performance. These principles continuously impact our clients to provide top-down thinking changes even on projects which we are not involved. This cultural effect further enhances our ability and commitment to delivering quality IT business solutions and services above all else. By helping our clients make the right strategic decisions and implement the right solutions, they continue to rely on us to be their technology partner of choice.

Evolutionary Approach

Our approach to solving critical and functional problems is simple – We arm ourselves with the best information possible and bring them to your doorstep in a flexible package that delivers results. Our “information” is a symbiotic blend of strategic partnerships, affiliations, constant industry research and expert business experience. These principles allow us to bring a high level of innovation to problem solving providing enhanced cost saving measures and business flexibility.

Exceptional People

So why are we are so successful? – People of course! We are consistently recruiting talent who demonstrate business proficiency, are technically sound and show dedication to our clients success. We call this the “T3 Type”. Finding and retaining these “T3 Types” gives an overwhelming strategic advantage to our clients and we find they regularly refer our services to colleagues in many different industries. That in itself, is a testament to our success and affirmation in what we do.

Massachusetts Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)


T3Networks Inc. has met the requirements to be certified as a minority business enterprise (MBE) with the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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