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MISI Company – Personnel+725 Revenue+$80 Mil

MISI Company Ltd., an NTT DATA Group company, provides Experience Design consulting services, and Technical Staffing to a diverse client base on a global level.

With its team of staffing professionals, technology thought leaders, experience design strategists, certified usability analysts, visual designers, and system architects, MISI Company has developed a strong reputation for providing our clients with both exceptional quality and excellent value.

Founded in 1978, MISI quickly developed a strong reputation as an industry leader in providing technical talent to Fortune 500 Clients. In 1992 MISI Company became a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DATA Corporation, a global leader of system integration services and technology innovation. The organizational change of the combined NTT DATA / MISI Company widened the capability for global operations.

Before hiring T3Networks, we were having serious issues with our email and response time from our servers. The system would crash multiple times each day and it was a significant productivity issue that affected our ability to deliver for our clients. We tried two other firms to address the issues and spent a considerable amount of time and money on these ‘experts’.  However, after months of dealing with their ‘experts’ guessing, we terminated the agreement with the other firms as the problems were not solved.

We hired T3Network to review our system problems, make recommendations and solve our issues. After only a few days, they identified the core problem. The issue was a flood of spam. Our main server was completely tied up processing thousands of spam emails per minute with a commercial software application. T3Networks recommended a Spam appliance by Barracuda to process all inbound messages before they were sent to our exchange server.

The network changes and Barracuda solution was installed within a few days after T3Networks determined the problem. The results were incredible. Our system problems went away immediately. We could not have been happier with the fast and effective solution offered by T3Networks!

– Patrick Branagan, Senior VP, MISI Company

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